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Orange Hippo Designs are your top web designers, offering one-of-a-kind web design in the Orlando FL area. We know you have a great product or service, and we want to help you share it with the world. We’ll create a professional website for your business to get you more customers in no time. From when you contact us to when we launch your website, we’re here for you. We’ll work with you to better understand your business and will create the perfect site to showcase it. If you’re looking for an Orlando web design company that will give you a beautiful, high-converting website, reach out today! Contact us or call (305) 564-8670 for a free consultation.

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When you need a new website, not just any design agency will do. You need a website design company that can bring your business to the top of the search engines and ensure you get the results you want from your visitors.

Orange Hippo Designs is that company. We’ve been offering web design for many years, and we know what it takes to succeed in this cutthroat market.

We offer a complete web designer Orlando service, including website design, website development, and marketing solutions like SEO/SEM (search engine optimization/search engine marketing).

When it comes to building a successful online presence, Orange Hippo Designs has you covered!

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The Orange Hippo Designs Difference: Highly Creative Web Designers Orlando FL

At Orange Hippo Designs, every client gets the best possible website design experience. Whether you’re a small business, a start-up, or a large enterprise, you’ll get the same level of service from us.

We have highly experienced designers with years of experience designing websites for businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a website design or website redesign, we can take your large or small business where it needs to go.

We’ll always have time to talk about your needs and give you advice based on your goals. Our designers and programmers will verify that every aspect of your custom website is flawless before it goes live on the internet.

Our team passionately believes in putting all our clients first. We’ll never try to sell you something without understanding what you’re trying to accomplish with your project. We work closely with you to bring your unique vision and goals to life.

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Custom Orlando Web Design Services

Website design agencies in Florida are a dime a dozen. But what makes Orange Hippo Designs different is our range of services. Unlike other web design companies, we don’t just build websites. We also cultivate relationships with our clients and help them grow their reach and sales by offering:

Custom Web Design Orlando FL

We help businesses create custom websites with striking visual elements that speak to target audiences and improve the conversion rate.
Web design starts by getting to know your brand and business. We work with you to create a website that reflects your brand, including all the features you need to get customers through the door.
Once we’ve launched your site, we’ll provide ongoing support and maintenance so that it stays up-to-date and runs smoothly.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile-responsive custom web design ensures that users can easily view your website on any device. We build responsive websites that look great on any screen size, from smartphones to tablets and PCs.

E-Commerce Web Development

We offer custom e-commerce web design for Orlando businesses that need help starting their e-commerce websites. Our website development team will create a site that matches your brand identity. We help you entice potential clients into making purchases from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

These services include:

· E-commerce SEO-optimized business website design

· WordPress design development

· E-commerce development for Shopify and WooCommerce business platforms


SEO & Keyword Research

We know your website is a major part of your marketing strategy, but it’s not enough to build a website and wait for people to come. You need to ensure that you’re putting the right content on your site, driving your target audience your way. That’s where our SEO optimization services come in.

We’ll optimize your site for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo so that people instantly find you when they search. We’ll also work with you on developing SEO keywords that will drive traffic to your site and generate leads.


Content Management System (CMS) Integration

Our Orlando web development experts team can help you integrate your content management system (CMS) into your website.
The Orlando web design team will set up a plan that meets your needs and schedule. We will move forward with the project as quickly as possible. Our professionals pride themselves on meeting deadlines, so you can rest assured that your new CMS WordPress websites will be up and running in no time.

User (UX) Testing

We offer UX testing to help you get feedback from your site users. We’ll work with your team to develop a plan that fits your business timeline and budget, and then precisely execute the UX testing. You’ll get a comprehensive understanding of where users struggle with the design or functionality of your website. This data will help you make the necessary changes so that you can keep growing as an organization.

Analytics & Reporting

Website analytics is the collecting, analyzing, and reporting of data regarding visitors and visitor behavior on a website. It helps you understand how visitors use your site, where they come from, how long they stay, and other key information about your audience.

Our reporting service can help you analyze visitor behavior on your website. You can then determine what content works best for users and what needs improvement.

Our team will assist with the setup and configuration of the following to help you track visitor data right away:

· Google Analytics

· Google Tag Manager

· Google Search Console


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If you have a website that looks like something from the early 2000s, it’s time to act. At Orange Hippo Designs, we help you keep up with the times and give your business the edge it needs. We've been offering Orlando web design services for many years, and we know how to take your business to the next level. Our agency offers some of the most creative web development and web design Orlando, Florida services. They'll design a website for you that will put your business in the spotlight.

As a leading Orlando web design company, we're committed to providing professional, user-friendly websites. We optimize all our websites to increase website traffic through organic SEO, retain website visitors longer, and generate more leads and sales. The internet is more competitive than ever, so don’t let your business get lost in the crowd! Discover more about the top-rated web design provider in Orlando FL. Reach out to our Orlando web design agency by calling (305) 564-8670 or contacting us to schedule a site audit and consultation.

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Industries We Work With

At Orange Hippo Designs, we think it’s not ideal to confine our services to a particular sphere of the economy. Our web design approach is adaptable and can serve a variety of Orlando businesses. Our Orlando-based team of site designers offers specialized solutions to address the particular requirements of many professions, including those of doctors, plumbers, lawyers, and e-commerce sales specialists. Our portfolio is a reflection of our broad range of experience working with many sectors. If your industry is not listed, get in touch with us to find out how our Hippos can make your dream website a reality.

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