Seeing is Believing: An Eye-Opening ‘Pun’-demic on Mastering Visual Content Strategy!

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Visual Content Strategy

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Visualize the Strategy: The Art of Content Vision

Scratch that orange paint off your palette and set your eyes on the viewfinder of your camera, because the golden age of visual content strategy has come. According to a recent study by HubSpot, infographics and other visual content can amplify web traffic by a staggering 12%. And no, that is not a typo. Here at Orange Hippo Designs, we’re not about to let this wave of increased audience engagement and online visibility pass us by.

Behind the Illustrations: Drawing the Line in Infographic Design

“But wait,” you may say, “I’m no Picasso”. Not to worry, no need to fret your pretty little palette. The world of graphic design strategy doesn’t require an art degree anymore than it does a quick wit. The secret lies in the narrative – your visual storytelling is as crucial as your aesthetic.

As per a report from Social Media Examiner, nearly 40% of marketers identify visual content as a linchpin for their business. So let’s take the ‘graph’ out of ‘infographics’ and add a little ‘joy’ in there instead. Remember, it’s not about the Da Vinci in your designs, but the story that they inspire.

Hit the Red Dot: Creating Captivating Video Content

Elevating your visual content strategy doesn’t stop at infographics. We need to branch out to the ‘moving pictures’ – yes, video content. No, we’re not suggesting you become Spiel-buried in work but learning to Spielberg your way to engaging content. You may not enlist a star-studded cast, but it’s possible to produce an Oscar-worthy performance in the realm of viewer engagement.

Multimedia Prospects: A Beacon into 2021

Orange Hippo Designs sees the multimedia landscape as your canvas for success in this content creation era. Creative graphic design strategy, coupled with effective multimedia planning, indulges customers into the vivid and exciting marketing trends of 2021.

If you ask us, these are not just trends; they are foreshadowing our future’s constant companions in the market – a portent of promising opportunities for bold brands willing to celebrate color, movement, and most importantly, authenticity.

Social Media: A Networking Jamboree

Launch a strategic exploration into social media marketing and see it as a networking party where your brand (the fascinating and engaging attendee) is the life of the party. It’s in this rowdy crowd of platforms that you’ll find the power to attract, engage, and converse with your target audience.

Remember, HubSpot’s study reveals that infographics and other original graphics were the most shared type of content on social media. Look at this as an opportunity, an open-door policy for voice, vision, and an authentic brand identity.

Reveal Your Online Identity: Embrace Authentic Branding

Online branding strategies are more than mere ‘name-dropping’. They are about carving out an electrifying and authentic space for your brand in the growing digital sphere. So dab your brushes into the vibrant hues of your brand values, mission, and vision, and let’s create a breathtaking masterpiece on the digital canvas.


Is visual content really important for my small business?

Very much so. Visual content strategy is not a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity to stay competitive and engage your audience effectively.

Can I implement these strategies by myself?

Yes, but also no. While you can definitely learn basics and create simple visual content, a refined and longstanding strategy requires professional input for effectiveness and consistency.

What types of visual content work best?

Infographics, video, and interactive content typically deliver the highest engagement rates. But remember, always base content on your brand’s voice and audience preferences.

Final Frame: Wrapping Up the Scenario

In this enthralling age of color, movement, and breathtaking graphics, mastering the Visual Content Strategy becomes not just a game-changer but a rule-breaker and a paradigm-shaker. Brands that understand this usage of interactive infographics, customer-involved video content, and effective social media marketing have the keys to the kingdom.

Let us imbibe the spirit of our colorful friend, the orange hippo, and embark on a vibrant journey of visual storytelling, finally immersing our audiences in an ocean of colors, shapes, and engaging narratives. If we’re seeing what we think we’re seeing, the future looks vibrant – a real sight for sore eyes.

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Table of Contents

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